General Plugin/Channel? Question...



So, I found this interesting little Arduino project that I have become enamored with.

Brief preface of what lead my down this rabbit hole, I setup "central home audio" and started using the Plex App on my phone to play music but I didn't have any means to control the volume of my receiver (or really various other mundane tasks that were less important). So, I figured I would make a small device that would just send an IR command over WiFi. This has turned into an attempt to make this nifty little IR-Blaster project (which is amazing code btw) into multiple devices and using it to replace my IR sender/receiver and make a Universal remote.

Now onto Plex! I had a shower thought this morning that it would be really nifty if there were a Channel (but I just read about how those work and it seems like this is not appropriate) that would just allow you to setup ... even quick favorites to different URLs. If the mobile app could resolve this quickly (like Ajax or something) then this could be turned into customizable universal remotes inline using the IR-Blaster project (Also Alexa friendly!).

It should also be noted that the hardware for this whole setup can be homemade for as little as $5. Even if you really fancy it up it couldn't possibly set you back more than $20.

I feel like if you could just send a simple URL json command to another device this would open up a WORLD of possibilities.