Getting plex to ignore iTunes embedded cover art



A lot of my tv show media files have cover art that I added in iTunes originally. The problem is that when you add a cover art file to a tv show in itunes, it originally added it to every episode.

When the same media files were played by Plex server (or XBox One), it would result in a really repetitive display. (See attached image)

Is there a way to make Plex ignore the embedded cover artwork and make a render from a scene in the actual video file?


Go to Server Settings/Agents and for each of the TV agents uncheck or drag to the bottom "Local Media Assets (TV.)" Save the settings and then refresh the metadata


Unfortunately, unchecking Local Media Assets" and refreshing the metadata did not solve the problem. The iTunes added artwork is still there.

Maybe this is something Plex can add to their roadmap?


As a user, if there is currently embedded artwork in my movie or TV show file, I want to be asked by Plex if I wish to use the embedded artwork or the Plex artwork so that I can can a pleasant experience viewing the library

Acceptance Criteria:
- In the settings, the user is asked which artwork to use (Plex artwork or embedded media artwork)
- If Plex artwork is chosen, embedded media artwork is ignored
- The cover art for the show is downloaded using Plex's normal artwork download process
- The thumbnails for the episodes are generated from the video file, ignoring the embedded artwork


It seems like this can be done manually, episode by episode, but this is a brutal process


As a related problem, this can also occur with titles added in iTunes, or when backs up a DVD and embeds a weird title.

For example, CHiPs season 1 automatically automatically embeds a title like "CHiPS SEASON 1 DISC 1" even if the file is properly named "CHiPs - S01E02 - Undertow"


Try MKV Toolnix


@SE56 said:
Try MKV Toolnix

Is their a Mac OS X comparable product?


Yep, works well


In checking Youtube and comparing to the Mac OS X version, it seems like "Disable attachments" is not a feature in the Mac version.

Batch "removing" artwork from many episodes that iTunes has added to full seasons of series' really is a monstrous pain.