Graphic Equalizer for Music



Does anyone know if a graphic equalizer for music is planned? A 10-band EQ like on Spotify or a preset selection like in iOS would be great. Music sounds a bit flat compared to EQ'd tracks from the native Music app and the Spotify app with equalizers enabled.

I have great quality headphones (Bose) and the server has lossless and 320kbps MP3 files and the difference is apparent at both quality levels


I would like a equalizer for the IOS app as well.

Is there any hope of that?


Please add an equalizer to plex! That would make it so awesome. I'm using plex via the iPad app and am connecting it to some speakers that could use a bass boost. I already love plex; this would make me love it more! Thanks in advance!


I'd also love to see an EQ in the IOS Plex app! Songs sound pretty flat without them, especially if you're playing on a decent system.


any chance we're going to one?


Need this too. Sound on AirPods is sooo poor


Still cannot believe there isn’t one. Music played from the music app on iOS sounds great with my earphones with the eq set. The plex app with the same songs sound flat :(


I want EQ for Plex!


I'm willing to cough up a few dollars to get this functionality too...


People have been asking in the Plex forums for years for an equalizer. The mods at some point said it was 'not a high priority' for them. That's crazy as audio is just as important as video. Plex is supposed to be an all around media player experience. Audio sounds like shit on Plex, flat as a board. Come on guys, give us a decent equalizer like EVERY other media player has!


I wan't it in Android app