Green stripe on right edge of display with latest Android update.



When I watch a ripped DVD on my Samsung tablet (Tab A model) with the Plex app, the video is shifted slightly to the left and there is a green stripe on the right edge of the display. This seems to have started with the latest update to the Plex app. It was working fine until I updated the app the other day. If I watch a 480P video in another app (e.g., Hulu), the display is normal and it fills the screen. No issue when playing 1080P or 720P videos.


I’m having the exact same issue with DVD Rips.

No problem with 720p 1080p


Yes, it seems to be an issue with the most recent update of the Plex app. I hope they fix it soon.


I noticed that if you change the playback quality from Original to something else like Convert Automatically, the green bar goes away.


The latest update seems to have fixed it. I installed it on my phone and tablet this morning and the picture is now centered properly and the green stripe can no longer be seen.