Hardware Transcoding - HW decoding of 10bit HEVC does not work



i5 Kably Lake NUC - 16.04 LTS Server
Plex Docker

Decoding works on regular HEVC and h264 just fine

This issue also existed in the preview and was reported, so I suspect there might be a reason?


Debug level log files please immediately after having recreated ths issue? ?


For the time being there is no HEVC 10 bit HW decoding with PMS.




Bummer, but at least it's an answer.



is this (the lack of 10-bit decoding) a limitation of the current intel driver or something else? Can we expect to get this feature in a later release or is there more complication to it?


10 bit (HDR) hw transcoding is disabled because of inconsistent hardware and we don't yet have a foolproof way of detecting if the hardware does support 10 bit.


ChuckPA: i would like to pledge for having an advanced option (checkbox) to have the user confirm that their hardware is 10bit capable than :-)


Nice try! I'll give you E for effort. :D :)

I know the team is working on it. Please understand how quickly this all has taken place. Intel's 2.0.0 library is still prerelease. I know the team is looking at it but it stops at that point. Trying to develop to a moving target (the API & ABI) is like a cat chasing its tail.

Small steps please?


I look forward to this getting added. And using hardware transcoding for preview generation. Right now it's pretty painful when I add a newly ripped UHD Blu-ray to my Plex server. It pegs my CPU for a very long time. That, and it would allow me to stop keeping both the 1080p and 4K HDR versions of the movie.


I apologize for not updating here.

libva 2.0 was released minus a critical piece . The teams looked at it and have to wait until Intel releases 2.1 (expected drop on 22-Dec-2017) based on their github comments.


Thanks for the update


also very much looking forward to 10 bit HDR support!

Currently foreced to use Media Player Home Cinema / VLC but I love PLEX more betterer



10 bit is HDR. I presume you mean HEVC HDR?

If you have the media, PMS will already stream it to your TV.

PMS can already transcode it down to 1080p.

I further prssume you mean support for 4K -> 2K? Again, it's already there. You do need the hardware which can decode it.


@ChuckPA This forum topic is covering HDR Hardware Transcoding, so I presume that is what @jabbilabbi had in mind.


I understand. I apologize if my attempt to clarify '10 bit' and "hdr' sounded harsh in any way. I did not intend that.


I see the source of the confusion. Please allow me to bring everyone up to date.

  1. PMS does support HEVC HDR. The announcement made on Oct 3 was the initial launch. Since that date, more has been silently added and enabled.
  2. hwtranscoding through PMS 1.9.6 will do HEVC 8 bit (standard)
  3. Since Oct 3, libva 2.0 was released. It doesn't have everything we need but it has most of it.
  4. Engineering has done their work to implement from all I can tell.
  5. As soon as QA blesses it, you'll see it.
  6. We are stll waiting for the version 2.1 drop from Intel. Expected drop to public is 22-Dec-2017. It will be a bit for engineering to integrate those changes and QA to bless it as well.


Will this new release with HEVC 10 but just be for Intel CPU’s or will Nvidia / AMD GPU’s also be able to take advantage of this?

I’ve an AMD WX4100 which I believe should be able to do 10bit HEVC in hardware. Like others I’m having to keep 4K and 1080p copies because my CPU cannot handle software transcode smoothly of 4K HEVC.


Would love to be able to grab a p2000 rather than buying a new mobo/cpu/ram to support quick sync h265.


We will not know what Intel actually provides us until they do the drop.