Hardware transcoding on N2810



Hi all. First time post here :)
Does anyone have any experience of how the N2810 performs with hardware transcoding? Here in the UK this is by far the cheapest nas which supports this.

Also it would be great to know if the dvr feature works well too?

I love the idea of having pms working smoothly on a nas rather than leaving my laptop on constantly.


I would expect pretty badly. I have the w2000 with windows server, but it is limited to 4g of memory. Any transcoding kills the system, it’s just a little slower than the n3050. It works fine if I can direct play.


Thanks Gregory.

Does the w2000 support hardware transcoding? Or is it the ram which is the bottleneck?
If so I think I might be better off just buying a cheapo nas and making sure all the media is converted for direct play.