Harmony Hub PLEX Button



I know this has been asked before, but has anyone managed to find a solution.

I have just upgraded to the Harmony Hub & Harmony Ultimate remote which is absolutely fantastic.

What I would like though is to be able to jump directly to PLEX channel on the Roku without having to go through the menu.

It works fine with Netflix & HULU, but I cant get any help from Logitech or ROKU trying to set this up for PLEX.


Why can’t you make it work ? Did you try setting anything ?


Hi Billy,

Thanks for the screen shot.

How did you manage to set this up ?

In answer to your question, yes I did try setting some things, but i could not get it to work.

I have many activities setup, but can not get PLEX to work Discretely.



Not sure if this will help but in the Alexa app click on the MENU, then SMART HOME, then SCENES and see if Plex is listed there. If it is not click DISCOVER SCENE (you can also say “ALEXA SEARCH FOR DEVICES” and see if it shows up. If it doesn’t try building a Plex activity in the Harmony app and then do the DISCOVER SCENE. if that doesn’t do it I’m sure how to help since I’m not entirely sure how it got there to begin with but maybe that will get you a bit closer.


Thanks for the reply fdbryant3. Unfortunately I do not run Alexa.

I am trying to send this discrete command directly from Harmony Hub/Ultimate One Remote.