Harmony Remote Support with OS X High Sierra



Hi there.

Has anyone managed to get High Sierra working with Plex (1.3.5 or 2) with a Harmony Remote? I'm having a tremendous amount of pain (it does not work in 2 at all, and 1.3.5 only supports left and right controls, back/up/down/etc don't work anymore, therefor worthless).

Not a huge fan of moving to a mouse and keyboard to control Plex. Help?


I’d like to add that I’m having the same problem with an Apple Remote. Up and Down has stopped working which pretty infuriating!
What I have noticed though is that outside of plex Up and Down seems to be controlling Volume. Looks like Apple have broken their API to me. I’ve posted a mail to apple.

(Also Mac mini - mid 2010)


I have the same problem with Mac Mini, High Sierra and Apple Remote up/down buttons.


Same here with OpenPHT!

Since the beta was available for many months, I’m hoping this is known to the devs and there’ll be a fix shortly!!


I’m having the same issue. After upgrading to High Sierra the up and down button will not work on my apple remote while using PLEX theater on my Mac Mini.


Ditto, same problem with Apple Remote and swanky Harmony remotes. It looks like IR codes have been remapped in the OS itself rather than anything specific to Plex ? I hope its fixed soon but I’d bet its going to be low priority.

In the meantime its a good reason to use the remote control functionality that exists in the iOS Plex application.

Select your media player:

Once you’ve selected your media server choose the remote icon:

And you can control from your Phone/Tablet. Its not perfect but its better than reaching for a mouse at the moment.


I suggest to those affected that you use Remote Buddy to fix the issue. I’ve used it for years and it’s an excellent piece of software.

Here is the statement about it in the release notes of the latest version.

-Fix: in the final High Sierra release, there was no reaction to up and down button presses on Apple Remotes if Candelair wasn’t installed. Fixed.



Same problem here


Same problem here.

I did try the candelair driver, but it didn’t fix the issue. Didn’t install remotebuddy as I really have no use for remote outside of Plex.

Hopefully plex will fix this soon!


Also experiencing this. Having a huge impact on the user experience for me, opening the app every time I want to do anything including pausing a show is a major problem!


Same problem here - very frustrating. Can apple / Plex fix? Don’t fancy spending £23 on a remote app just to make up and down work again!


Any update regarding this issue? I have the same problem, any quick fix for it? Thanks


No solution/acknowledgement as of 2.4.1 release.

I abandoned PMP for Kodi with the Plex plugin in November, works a charm.


Come on Plex team… Get a fix for this please… Its driving your community nuts!!


The issue is fixed in PMP 2.5+!