Has Anyone Noticed An Issue With Argus Monitor and Plex Media Server?



I run argus monitor, a software that keeps up with temperatures, hard drive smart stats fan speeds etc and has an email function to notify me if a fan breaks down or if the temperatures are reaching beyond a level I set etc.

While running this software plex clients can connect but going to the next show will stop dead at 33% about 1 out of 3 times, I can hit play twice on Roku and it kicks right back in.

When changing Argus to not start with windows, plex has no issues and never gets stuck.

PMS is a must on my system but I would also like to be able to use the argus monitor for my server so if the AC stops working in my house and things warm up I can remote in and shut it down etc, or run a quick immediate backup if SMART fails.

Anyone using this software notice this issue? Have you been able to find the right tweaks to argus monitor to stop it from interfering with PMS? Argus has no throttling control, or anything like that, it does have fan control but I have left those settings as controlled by bios.


turns out argus monitor was not causing any issues with plex as the issues persisted without it