Has transcoding gotten much worse lately?



I NEVER got "your server isn't powerful enough" messages before the latest builds and now I get them ALL THE TIME.


Yep... Between transcoding and direct streaming, my Nvidia shield is a paperweight.


I get them all the time too, it's rendered my Shield unusable for Plex..


lately i've gotten short freezes until it starts playing again, not to annoying still usable (wired)


I am also having a lot of problems with the shield, I am also on 5.2. I cannot stream anything from plex cloud. If I use a ipad or stream/cast through a PC the files work fine. Plex just sits there with the wheel spinning and never loads the video. This completely sucks.


Man, I thought it was just me. I'm getting the 'not powerful enough' message often too. Wonder what in the heck they changed to do that?