Has your > Plex It bookmarklet stopped working with YouTube?



My > Plex It bookmarklet stopped working with YouTube a week or so ago. Every single one. "Sorry, we were unable to add this video to your queue." I installed the bookmarklet again from its webpage, but no joy. Is this happening to anyone else?


Wait a minute; I just inspected my queue and some of the YouTube videos that > Plex It said it could not add last night are there. But most of the ones over the past week or so are not there. Now the problem seems to be an intermittent false negative error message, and I can't tell which attempts failed unless I go to my queue and look.


Yep same problem here. When I send a youtube video with plex it I get the same error message. Its iffy if a video gets added to queue or not.


Same problem here they add fine by email but its more hassle


Mine works but I lose my log in credentials every time I exit Chrome. My settings are to keep cookies on exit only and every site works except the plex it bookmarklet.