Have iOS Apps stopped supporting Chapters?



Hi - I haven't used Plex for a while, but when trying today, I find that my Chapters are not accessible via Apple TV or iPad. There were working fine before. Is anyone aware of anything that has changed with Chapters?


Actually, I figured this out.

I had moved my movies with Chapters into folders, so that I could have sub-folders for Specials, Interviews, Scenes, etc. I now find that this somehow inhibits the iOS Apps from seeing the Chapter detail.

I hope this can be fixed. In the meantime, I am reverting to Movies only on the top directory, as for the movies in question, the Chapter detail is important to me.


Well, now I would say please ignore anything I've said about Chapter management in Plex. I now have Chapters working with my movie files in folders, supporting Featurettes, Interviews, Scenes, etc., AND with Optimized Versions.

Not really sure what I did to get it all working, but removing each file/folder, re-scanning, cleaning bundles, emptying trash, adding the file/folder back in and scanning again seemed to help - mostly!