HDHomerun - DVR not recording



I'm using a HDHomerun and when I DVR shows, it looks like it is working, but when finished I can't find the shows either in the library within the Plex client or in the file system on the Plex server?? Not sure what's going on.


I am having a similar/same problem.I started using the pled ever function just after it was introduced utilizing a HDHomerun tuner and running pled on windows7. Recording went flawlessly till late Dec 17 or early jan 18. Sorry, I do not have an exact failure date.

Strangely, if I tune to a show in progress and start recording all goes well. However, if I set the eve to record even a few minutes ahead, the eve will not start.

I was running the stable version of pled with auto update set. Last week, in attempt to fix the prob, I decided to try the beta version but no joy.

Anyone have a suggestion?