Heavy stutter and audio drops only with Plex for Kodi



Hi, I have heavy stutter and audio drops on every file if I play it through the Plex for Kodi/MrMC addon. All the files play fine if I play them with MrMC native Plex playback. Also all other Plex apps work without stutter and audio drops. Does anybody have an idea why this happens and how to fix it?


What type of device are you running it on?


I tried Kodi on a Pi3, Kodi on Android TV and MrMC on the Apple TV. Always with the same result. Every other app (also PMP for Pi3) runs without problems.


There could be few reasons. It would be useful to know the version of the add-on that you are using, as well as what device your Plex server is running on. Other than that, off the top of my head, the add-on has some settings to disable HEVC and 4K, both of which Kodi can play but not necessarily very well depending on the device - the Pi3 being an example.