Hebrew album and artist names are not displayed



I have installed the Plex channel on a new Roku Premiere+, and connected it to my Plex Media Server. Everything works great, except Hebrew names of albums, artists, tracks etc. do not show (blanks instead of Hebrew letters). Everywhere else (Windows, Android, Playstation) they are displayed with no problem. Please help.


I’m guessing this is the same problem I asked about a year or so back.

The Roku doesn’t natively support many non-English language fonts, and it sounds like it’s a big job to add it in an app. Unless Roku adds support, I doubt we’ll see this change anytime soon.


Thanks. I talked with Roku support and they claim it is a Plex issue… Will try to get back to them and ask specifically about the font support.


Roku ‘Support’ in India blames Plex?

Well that’s the first time I heard of that ever happening (you do realize that time you spend on the phone to Roku Support is time you will NEVER get back, right?). What’s the Hebrew phrase for: Waste of Time? :slight_smile:


I have the same issue (or similar) but i dont have Roku, i have plex running on a Ubuntu machine and all the data is on a NAS, and file names are all messed up in Plex ( just Plex)