Help re Sonos, Plex, and Ubiquiti Unifi




I am authenticated with Plex in the Sonos app but unable to see my Plex media server in Sonos desktop or mobile controllers. I always see: "No Plex Media Server available"

Can you provide guidance to fix this?

Here is my config:
* An all Ubiquiti Unifi managed network (USG, UAPs, Cloudkey, managed switches)
* Verizon Fios with their ONT and router. This means double NAT, which isn't a problem for any other of my network usage
* Two Synology NAS units, each running PMS Only one NAS has my music
* Over a dozen Sonos One speakers
* Remote access for PMS on the NAS with music is enabled. However, it is not Internet accessible.
* Secure connections are required (though I have tested with preferred based on your earlier comments)
* Following your recommendation, I have added two NAS IPs in Plex's network configuration "e.g.,"
* Lifetime Plex Pass

My understanding with 2.06 is that NAT loopback is no longer required. Which is good because I don't believe Unifi supports this. Port forwarding is an option but I am not currently using it. And I really prefer not to open PMS to the Internet.

However, my understanding is that DNS rebinding is now required. I am unclear whether Unifi supports this based on older threads re Plex in their forum.


@mpc said:

  • Remote access for PMS on the NAS with music is enabled. However, it is not Internet accessible.

Your Plex server being internet accessible is a requirement too. Sonos devices communicate with cloud-based servers to get info on what music is in your library, so those cloud servers need to be able to connect to your Plex server. While the music is streamed locally (when possible) once it starts playing, remote access from the internet is necessary to browse your library and get to that point.


Thank you @virgiilomi. However, the FAQ states:

So, I gather that the relay isn’t working. I am not sure what logs to look at to confirm.


I should add, this did work briefly for me when the Plex for Sonos first left beta. However, it would only play several songs, then error out that it couldn’t find the Plex server. It would continue to try to play the next songs in the playlist until stopping. I could then start playback again from within the Sonos controller and it would work. So, something changed from when the GA version of Plex was released that prevents me from even seeing the PMS in Sonos now.