Help setting the optimal transcoding



Hello everyone,
Before I have looked and searched but unfortunately found nothing suitable on this topic!
I run a server with the specs:
-Intel ® Xeon ® CPU E3-1220 v3 @ 3.10GHz
-16GGB Ram
-60 GB SSD cash
-Free BSD
Have a 200k line
With 200k down and 12.7 k upload
I am unfortunately since my move to cable Germany tied and therefore have a lower Upladrate than before and have since the move the problem that the movies often stuck and jerks …
I have already set the limit remote stream bitrate to 3MBs 720p at remote access and this helped but the problem was not corrected.
Now I’d like to optimize transcoding settings with your help Optimize so that it runs smoothly again!

I have changed to the settings in the past nix except the standard buffer buffer for transcoder set to 360.
I would appreciate any good advice and any help!


Are your bitrate numbers really ‘kbps’ or are they ‘mbps’?