Help sideloading




I am having trouble sideloading the latest version.

I have formatted my usb FAT32
copied the contents of the zip to a root directory named Plex

When i insert the USB I get the prompt to use the flash disk for Videos/Photos?Music

I cancel the message, but there is no new icon in my samsung hub....

Any advice?



I have UE46ES800UXXU (2012)


It can be found under the Samsung Smarthub apps. On some models it may not have an icon, just a red banner saying user.
Note that there can be several pages inside the SmartHub, so keep pushing right to see if there are more.


its just not there, I must be missing something, I have followed the instructions to the letter…


If it has more than one USB port, try the other one.

Your USB drive should look like this: (my USB Drive is called SAMSUNGBOOT)


Still not working…

That is exactly how my USB filesystem looks…

I’ve even renamed the partition to SAMSUNGBOOT, to match yours, still no joy, any ideas?


tried all 3 usb ports too


None other than, try a different USB drive maybe?