Help with apple TV NEED SUPPORT HELP



I just hung up with mac we reset my apple tv, and I am still getting the error saying that I need version 1.3 or higher to use the server. The app version on apple tv is 1.27 and it will not update? According to Apple this is a known issue and someone here in support needs to help fix it?


You need a SERVER version newer than 1.3. The current version is v1.13, which is newer than v1.3.

You can download the latest PMS for macOS here:


As @darcilicious said, that error is for the server version and not the client version. You need to upgrade your server or contact whoever’s server you connect to. The current version of the Apple TV application is 1.28 (which according to the release notes came out only 7 hours ago).

It appears you’ve asked this before and received the correct answer here as well (from the same user):

The server needs to be updated or you will not be able to connect.


Thank you adamskoog, and Dar for answering the question. I kept trying everything to update it and deleted the app many times, even apple tv tech support. ADAM you are the first one to tell me that the server I connect to must upgrade. It is our friends server and I didn’t bother him because I thought it was on my end. I can connect to his server on the internet by logging in so assumed it was our problem! Thank you so much, I appreciate ya!