If you no longer can log in with the PIN code method, here are the things to try.

First check if the Login site may have problems :
and check the App Store on your TV if there any updates for the app you might have missed.

When you first entered the pincode on your Plex account to connect the app, the app generated a token.
The app uses that token to connect to your account, so you don't have to retype your username/password every time.

Sometimes, like when not using Plex for a longer period of time, you may need to refresh that token.

Here is how to do that:

1 - Sign out from the app

2 - Sign out from the server (use Plex web)

3 - Login with your server, for more information check this artilce

4 - The app will show you a new PIN code.
Open a browser and go to
Make sure you are logged in with the correct account that is the same as what you used to log in the server..
Now enter the PIN code the app gave you and wait for the app to accept it. (a popup will notify you)

Troubleshooting Tips

**If you have a 2012 model (model has an E in it) you might need a firmware upgrade**!
Originally these models only supported SSL3, which is no longer secure after it has been hacked ( POODLE)
Updating your firmware will make it support TLS and will allow you to connect over https again.

If your app is acting weird, it might be because of the cache inside the TV.
To fix such issues unplug the TV from the wall-socket and leave it like that for a minute.
You can use this procedure also for other apps that may have an issue.

Be careful with using Secure connections, not all models support this. (playback may only work with transcoding)
If you are having trouble, the recommended settings for this are:
- On the server set it to preferred
- On the app disable this option. (only for version 2.0)

To reduce problems, make sure your TV and Server have a fixed or static DHCP assigned IP address.
This might help you with disconnects and "server not connecting" issues.

READ ME FIRST: About Samsung Smarthub (up to model year 2015)