Help with ripping Spongebob\Adventure Time..


So I'm trying to use HandBrake to rip Spongebob \ Adventure Time Season 1 and I'm having some problems. Spongebob is a 2-part episode per episode, and handbrake is ripping each ~11 minute part into it's own file. Is there a way to rip each episode (2 part) or another program I should try? I haven't encountered this problem until today.


Disregard - Otto's answer below is the correct answer.

I missed the 'Run Time' when looking at TVDB for Spongebob:

11 minutes is a single episode.


@Zerimar1990 said:
Spongebob is a 2-part episode per episode,

No, it's not on TheTVDB. And that is the definite source of metadata for Plex.
I'd be glad that you have 1 episode per file. This fits perfectly with Plex.