HEVC / H265 on UE55F9000 with Samsung Evolution Kit SEK-3500



Hi there, I've upgraded my 2015 Samsung with a One Connect kit to allow it to play 4K content.
For some reason I can't seem to play H265/HEVC content from within the plexapp without it transcoding it to 1080p.
Same content plays fine via DLNA in 4K.
Any ideas why I don't get the direct play option in the plexapp? Only transcoding / stream.
Thanks for any suggestions you might have :smile:
Plex app version: 2.008


You should set it manually to direct play. If you leave it on auto it will see the high bitrate and will decide to transcode it.
If the option Direct play is not available, your video might contain a codec or a container that is not supported.
Also check if you have subtitles selected that need transcoding. To try that set the subtitles tonone for a test.


Hi Orca,
Thanks for a great app!
I don't get the direct play option in Plex but the TV can definitely play the format/content via DLNA (Samsung "My Content"). Could it be because Plex only sees the TV model number and doesn't think that it is capable? (i.e. it doesn't realise that the TV has the evolution kit giving it HEVC capability?)


DLNA also uses a server profile and will fallback to transcoding, the same as the app does.
So it seems to be "just playing"but I don't think it will do direct play either.
If you enable logging on the app, and then play the file, the PMS log will tell you why it decides to not allow direct play.


Thanks Orca it was the subtitle type stopping it from direct playing.
With subtitles disabled it is playing perfectly in 4K :smile: