HEVC live transcode not working



Hello plex community,

my PMS is running on freenas 10 corral, not in docker but in a simple jail.
Most of everything works great but live transcoding of hevc encoded movies does not work.
It just start transcoding as much as possible and you never get the first frame of the movie.
Optimization works fine at a 2,5x on this particular movie and otherwise live transcoding of h264 is flawless.

Anyone experiencing the same issue? Or anyone can confirm it's working on the PMS.


Ok so here's a little update on the issue.
FreeNas was a bad idea for me. So I launched a pms 1.5.2 on a freebsd 11.0-RELEASE-p9 and it work great, including HEVC, then I tried upgrading pms to 1.5.3 and 1.5.5 and they crashed when launched by the rc script provided by the pms-plexpass package.

anything special I missed?

On the side I was wondering if the hardware decoding of hevc works on bsd ?
I've run those tests inside virtual machine, yet, so I can't say.