HFS+-drive not showing up in Plex



Hi there,

I just received my NVIDIA Shield Pro 2017 - and I now want to add my LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive (4TB, HFS+ w/ password, bus-powered) filled with media content.

I attached the drive and thought it would mount automatically, but I can't see the drive in Plex - I can however see it in "ES File Explorer", but not browse it since it's HFS+.

When I connect the drive to the Shield, it is recognised, but when I go to "Storage & reset", select the drive under "Removable storage" and selects "Set up as removable storage", I am faced with the "Erase & Format"-screen.

I don't want to format the drive because all my content is on it. Is there any way (tips or tricks) to get the drive to show up in Plex?


I don’t know what the rules are for bumping a post - But I would really appreciate some input on this :slight_smile: