Hi; New to this.



I bought my LG Blu ray player a week ago, and its excellent, i have downloaded 'plex' and opened it, i even had my iTunes library on the server! Trouble is; i cant get my music collection on my network that i'd be able to hear the music, the onscreen (on TV) says there is no content to share.
All my systems are Mac. My network connection to my Blu ray is wired via an Apple Airport, time capsule; this provides a wired connection from my network to my Blu ray. My connection to my network on my Mac is Wi-Fi (via the apple airport time capsule), it creates its on wi fi signal.
When i go to my Blu-ray player and open the online services and sharing, it shows my home router network connection and not the name of the Apple Airport.
How can i play my music in my library onto my TV?