Hide TV show plot & episode preview pic



I just switched from XBMC and I have to say I really considered going back until I discovered this skin, great work!


I thing I can't figure out how to do is hide the plot and preview pic on tv show episodes. I hate when I go to select a show and the episode picture is a spoiler! I know the default skin will hide the plot of unwatched shows, is there a way to get night to do the same thing? 


I understand that the skins are limited in changing views but it would be great to be able to show anything besides a preview picture from an episode, and not have to use the list view.


Hide Plot:

You can hide the plot on any viewmode via options --> labels --> plot (uncheck)

Episode Preview Thumb:

This is very unusual but try this: On Episode level change to viewmode "Banner #2", and activate "Clearart" in viewmode options. Depending on which night version you are using you should end up with only text or fanart images instead of episode thumbs. This is work in progress and might change with skin updates ...


Hi there

I might be hijacking this thread somewhat as I'm not completely sure of what OP meant, but I'd like to have the option, as per the standard skin, to hide plot for unwatched episodes only. I believe the solution you have provided is to switch them off across the board?

Personally I like to be able to refresh my memory on what happened the last episode, but not have the one I'm about to watch spoiled!

Minor gripe, really though - such an outstanding skin - keep up the good work!



Yes, got this request several times now ... it will be available in the next update.