Highlight bar colour?



Hi, is it possible to change the highlight bar colour, or the text colour as it's highlighted please? As we scroll down the screen dark grey on grey isn't always so visible.



There are 5 different color themes.


I guess what he is trying to say is that even if you select a theme and a color when you are navigating the main menu the selected item is highlighted just with a darker background. And we are wondering if that highlighting could be changing the font color -or the background- to the one set in the option you said. Or something similar.

Or at least that is what I understood.


I am working on it


@DeadEyeFlint said:
I am working on it

Thank you so much!


Brilliant - thanks :)


I've added than in lates release.
I would recommend to change the theme to yellow or an other color and activate "Highlight focused title" in skinsettings.