HiRes Support with Plex and Sonos



Hi all.

I know the Plex side of Sonos seems to be mostly working at best. I see many feature requests and agree that full integration with Sonos would really push things to the top.

Right off the bat, where is this with HiRes?

I cannot play any DSD (format: DSF) files at all via Sonos through Plex (both desktop and app). Seems simple enough if it just transcodes to a lesser PCM that Sonos will take. It obviously does this already since the native Plex app plays DSD just fine to my phone.

Oddly enough, high bitrate PCM does work ONLY if I play them through the Windows Sonos desktop application. The very same songs do not work via the Android Sonos app routed through Plex, when added that way...it complains about unsupported format.

The ability to play all resolutions of PCM and DSD would make Sonos much more viable and surpass the ancient 65k song limit that many face.

Any insights?



Update: I discovered by accident that the Sonos-Plex marriage from the desktop WILL play DSD, but you cannot directly select the songs....it won't let you.

If you enable Plex Mix and it comes across a DSD file, it will play it. You can also fast forward to the next song and it will work, regardless of format. This behavior also works in the Android Sonos-Plex player too.

Something is amiss here...



Yeah, there seem to be some unusual combinations that allow Sonos to play some otherwise unsupported formats or resolution/sample rate files from Plex one way, but not another. Yet another thing Plex needs to work on when they get back to working on this... if that ever happens.


Here is hoping it doesn't fall off the radar. Please...Plex devs...clean this up!


May I ask a question? How can you play HiRes in Sonos? Its DAC is 48/16 capable only...
As far as I know, anything beyond this is a downsampled version, so no true HiRes listening.
Am I wrong?


Plex does down sample for anything Hires. Nothing will get around this Sonos hardware limitation.

I am good with this - it just needs to work now for DSD. As I said, they just need to fix the inconsistencies in delivery of this DSD to PCM stream...