Home Movie section: not all clips are found




Through PMS (Plex's, not my wife's) I have added a section containing my home movies. On the network share, this is a folder containing subfolders which I have named for the year:

- Home Movies

- 2003

- 2004

- 2005


These folders contain iMovie clips (*.m4v) fow which I use the naming convention "YYYY MM DD " so I can sort them by date on the file system. Now, when PMS scans these, something interesting happens. It only finds the clips that do not strictly follow this naming convention. Sometimes I wasn't able to determine the recording date, so I only put the name in the title. Only these show up. Interestingly enough, in some instances of the found clips, the name in PMS is truncated to just the year. None of the clips adhering to the naming convention show up in PMS.

What's happening?




This happened to me, as well, however it originally found the videos and then they just magically disappeared and I can't add them again.


Same here .... I have various types of MST3K media, much of it Rifftrax which isn't an official TV show ... and some Cinematic Titanic ... so I just decided to dump it all in a Home Movies section so as to not screw up my TV section ....

Well, it finds various files, but not all of them .. some are avi.s, some are Video_TS folder, some .isos ... but it is random .. in fact in doesn't even pick up all the .avi's

I wasnt' worried about proper art etc in this section, but it doesn't even preserve the filename so I can tell what I'm about to watch.


OK.. I'll just say same here.

My structure looks like this.







In each of those folders most of the movies are named in the format "YYYY-MM-DD something descriptive.ext".

I have various different extensions including .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mts, .mpg

I haven't been able to identify that it's a particular file type that's causing the problem.


I’ve identified some new symptoms. Like snowtires said I do remember seeing videos from my “2010” subfolder originally. Now… I can’t add that subfolder back in. If I try to create a new library and add just that subfolder it will not find any files. Same with my “2009” subfolder for some reason. However my 2000, 2001, through 2008 all work fine. It doesn’t matter if I add the “Video” parent folder or add the subfolders individually.

It seems like it’s storing some data somewhere that I can’t delete that is causing me not to be able to do a fresh scan of that folder.

I’ve attached a screen shot of all the contents of my 2010 video folder.