Home screen has none of my stuff on it.



Recently added TV and Movies on my home screen on the android app is not showing any of my stuff on my server. It is showing only my sons stuff from his server. He lives some distance from me and my server contains much more recent stuff. I know how to access all in the menus but want my server stuff to show on my home. Anyone know how to do this please.


I have the excact same problem. I can’t find anywhere to choose to have my server on the Home tap. It only shows a shared servers stuff. WTF? Are we missing something?

This is also the same on IOS.

Update: Sorry
I figured it out… RTFM. :blush:
You have to add the things you want to the home screen yourself. Why not then start with a empty Home screen to start with instead of having it pre filled with stuff from shared libraries?


Welcome to the latest Plex interface for ios and android.
Gone are the sensible options we had in the previous versions like being able to select a server.
Now replaced with content from all your servers and friends servers, and no way to select a single server.


Its not that bad and actually once setup more useful.

Select the type of media at the bottom, TV, Movies etc. and then go to the category you want on your home screen i.e. recently added, recently aired, unwatched. Hit the 3 dots and then add to home screen.

It allows you to customize the home screen better at you can split it out between servers without having to switch servers.