Honesty: Why I do not use and Recommendations




I honestly do not use the news feature for several reason despite the improvements and I have several reasons why and it's more of an improvement than a bashing.

  1. It does not adapt well. Even though it ask what you like, I tend to get very offbeat news articles that I do not enjoy at all. I wish the news had some kind of rating mechanism that youtube tends to have to help decide which pieces of news are the best.

  2. It's disjointed. Yes, I understand the news is from different sources, but it feels very fragmented in what your watching. I know it cannot be matched, but take some clues from the Reuters News App.

  3. Just doesn't sit well. This always like something that's just stuff/baked in, rather than being something useful. It's just how I always felt.

I do have friends and family that have given feedback about why it's there, it's not useful, and it's more of a visual distraction.

I'm just giving feedback, because I rather see this evolve to something much greater. I would even pay to have certain cable news channel baked in; even though this would be a nightmare due to all the contractual stuff out there. Such as how ESPN is now allowing users $5 a month to watch; I would the same for major news channels; but they would have to be more open to the idea.

Good luck!