How can I copy a playlist from one user to another at the PMS folder level?



Hello All,

I understand that there is already a highly ranked Feature Request for Sharing/Syncing Playlists. I also understand that this has been a request for years so its implementation isn't looking likely. My use of Playlist is to group all movies series together in PlayLists. Bond Movies, Bourne Movies, Star Ways, Star Trek, etc. I have two users set up. The administrator is passworded and used by myself and wife. The other account has no password and is used by my kids with restrictions. Both users use the same Playlists. I would just like to avoid having to doing the same things twice.

What I am asking is if there is a manual way of copying Playlist? I am talking about a method that involves copying some files in the NAS PMS folder that will duplicate the playlist?

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Hi All,

I know this Thread is old but can anyone tell us how this is done please?
Is there a manual way to copy playlists from one user to another?

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Bump. I’m also interested in sharing playlists between users.


I would like to see this function also


@bluex44 said:
Bump. I’m also interested in sharing playlists between users.

WebTools can do that.
There is a snag, though: in the current version ‘smart’ playlists end up in their destination user account as ‘dumb’ playlists.