How can I download the plex media app to my Samsung Smart TV



It used to work great. Stopped loading. Samsung tech reloaded the smart hub. We found the plex app and clicked download, but it failed to download. Samsung tech said her resources indicated that there is now at this time some issue with the Plex app. And that I needed to contact you directly. Are you aware of the issue, and is there any chance it will be fixed? Your thoughts??


sounds like a convenient attempt to wrap their own case up :wink:
I’m not 100% sure… Does your Samsung model use Android TV and you’ve made this installation attempt via Google Play?


Hi tom80H. The installation attempt was made while the Samsung TV was on and the tech through remote access over the internet tried to do the download (from wherever it was hosted). Then she checked further and said there is a known issue that the Plex app will not download. They have no further info, and said I would have to check with the Plex developers. So, that’s why I posted this question.

Last time I used it was several months ago and it worked fine. That’ s all the info I have now.

I wonder, do the developers read this forum? Or should I be trying to contact them in some other way.

Thanks for taking the interest. When it works, plex is great…


Update: 1. The Plex media app is no longer listed on the Samsung Smart hub list of hundreds of available apps.

  1. I can now access my Plex Media server! How? I go to “source” on my Samsung TV remote, and suddenly the Plex Media server shows as on of several source selections.

My computer, with the media server open and logged in, is about twenty feet from my TV.

Who knew? Anyway that’s working right now, so my main objective, to watch videos from my computer on my smart TV, is now working.