How can I rollback from todays update?



Please can someone point me to the previous version of PMS for Mac OS X , I updated to version1.4.3.3433 today and plex no longer works with any LG TV running Plex for LG Netcast


Similar problems. No longer works from Samsung TV using either Plex app or Samsung DLNA support.

  1. Where are older versions of the Mac PMS?

  2. Could delete and restore? Which files?


~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Updates is where your old versions are. Open the folder containing the version you want to go back to, then open packages, then copy somewhere else on your machine the zip file and uncompress it. This gives you a Contents folder. This can replace the Contents folder in the app found in /Applications/Plex media, delete that contents folder in that app and move in the new one you decompressed. You are now running ion the old version.

You could always do so easier by using a time machine restore of this app only.

The new version has also broken the MythTV plugin.


Howdy, I’m trying to roll back and followed the instructions above but I get an error when I try to launch the app. Any suggestions in what I’m doing wrong?