How do I access the playback tools at bottom of screen?



So I'm watching a track (say a preview before a movie) and I hit the pause button. I then see some tools at the bottom that include |<< (I'd call that previous track), << (rewind), > (play), || (pause), Stop, >>, >>| and then -> and a random play symbol. I would assume pressing the down button would get me to those... but that just makes the whole bar go away.

So how do I get there?

Specifically, I'm wondering how can I skip without holding down fast forward a bunch?


If you have a normal (black) remote all those buttons are already on the remote, so you do not need them.
But some models come with a [“smart” remote]( ““smart” remotes”) with only a few buttons and a pointer.
These controls have been specially added for those remotes and can be pointed at, and be used in that way.

By the way, that also works if your TV has gesture control

As for your question. You have a few options:

  • Press channel up/down while playing, to go to the next/previous song/movie/photos
  • If you want to jump to a specific time, press the green button during movie playback and enter the time to jump to.
  • If you want bigger jumps, you can set that up under preferences
  • If the movie supports it you can use 2X up to 16X time speed to have it play faster and search like that.

There are more tricks, please download the manual to find out other possibilities.


I did grab the manual prior to asking. But I admit I didn’t read it, but instead searched for “next” and “forward” and didn’t get results.

I looked for |<< >>| buttons on my remote. I didn’t realize channel up/down did that. That solves my problem right there, so thank you.

I haven’t used my “smart” remote in so long, it didn’t occur to me that was why the menu was there. Its funny, back in the day it was that stupid (smart) remote as well as the camera on top of my TV that led me to pay like $800 more to get the 8000 instead of the 7XXX. The remote was crap and Skype got discontinued right after I bought it, which is why I wanted the camera.

Next time… I’m paying for less bells and whistles lol. Don’t even get me started on the 8 pairs of 3D glasses I have somewhere.


Just to add, some remotes have a “press and hold” function for certain buttons.
So on some you have to press and hold the << >> buttons to get |<< and >>| which will act the same as the channel up/down