How do I add artwork to the folders in folder view?



I have my home movies organized by year and view them as folders. How do I add artwork to the folders? There is no pencil or ellipse when I hover over the folders.




Folder view does not provide that ability. It shows them, as named, in the file system.

Perhaps you’re thinking of the Home Videos type library section?


This is the main reason why I won’t Go Premium.


According to Plex if you are using “Folder view” then you are using Plex wrong. When Plex made several changes a while back they completely left out folder view but there was such an uproar that they added it back in but with minimal support.

Do not expect Plex to ever add any more support, including posters, to the folder view. Just be thankful that there is a folder view at all.

Plex wants everyone to use Plex in exactly the same way in spite of the lie where Plex says “Your media your way.”