How do I add bundles to the Plug-ins folder



I followed the directions in the Plug-ins Tutorial post. Even though I use sudo ... I can not write to the directory.
As seen in another post, I called Seagate and they said there is no password for root. Seems strange that they say they support Plex, but won't let you add bundles. I'm trying to add the HDHomeRun Viewer Bundle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi @“” - You logged in via ssh as your main account to you SPC, right? Aa far as I know, sudo is only available to your initial user.


I finally got it. I logged in via ssh as the initial user, then used command line sudo -i and then chmod to change the permissions to the plugins folder. Thanks for your advise.


@“” - Glad it worked out. Interesting that you had to change permissions as I didn’t have to. This may help some others who may be struggling too.