How do I delete the Video Preview Thumbnail from PLEX VR on Oculus GO



How do I completely delete video files (including associated video preview thumbnail images) from PLEX VR on my new Oculus GO?

I had one video file that was downloaded and saved from Google browser. I had another video file that recorded what I saw in the Oculus monitor. Both played in PLEX VR.

Then found and Deleted both video files from Oculus Internal Storage. It says it is Empty (no files).

PROBLEM: When I open PLEX VR, both (deleted) video files appear. If I click on one, it says “installing” but nothing happens so apparently only a preview thumbnail is present, not the actual video file. I have searched and searched for these thumbnail files, cannot find them anywhere within PLEX VR or the headset. I signed OUT and then IN PLEX VR, but that did not help. Where are video thumbnails stored and how do I delete them?


Further on the subject of Video Thumbnails: I really don’t know if the stubborn, unremovable video thumbnails are an Oculus or Plex problem; so I wrote Oculus Support and here is their reply: “At this time, there is no way to completely remove thumbnails for previously downloaded content. Please keep an eye out, as we may add this feature in the future and your feedback regarding this has been noted.” Unfortunately if the persistent video thumbnails cannot be removed, then I have to delete PLEX VR. I have not noticed the unwanted thumbnails appearing in other media players.