How do I get movie info while paused?



I came here looking for answer to why the Fire TV app lacks the functionality I've gotten used to for years on the Roku app: when you pause a movie it would tell you how much longer was left, showed the current time, and the year of the movie. I can't recall if the old version of the Fire TV app had this.


Odd, the forum posted my question before I was done typing it in: I looked through all the app settings, and there's one option for movie info, but when I turn that on and pause a movie, nothing comes up. Am I missing something?


That is the poor app design hard at work.
Little thought was put into the app. A half-hearted attempt rushed out the door simply because it could provide Live TV - giving no consideration for missing features, poor design or reliability. Nothing more than a crappy port from Android TV - another failed attempt now residing on two platforms.

As usual - Plex is unavailable for comment.

If you break out your calculator - or are good with doing mathematics on the fly from a 2 second flash after hitting the up or down arrow on the D-Pad, you can eventually find out how much time is left - then you'll need to back up through some rather tiring gyrations due to the incompetence of 'The Team' to do one simple thing like programming FF or RW buttons that make sense.

The 'Information Overlay' you speak of is nothing more than Resolution, Direct Play or Transcode and if so the reason for the Transcode. It's handy when trying to troubleshoot things, but missing key information - that has been asked for, but, of course, ignored - while Plex chases a shiny balloon, off the edge of a cliff.

I think that pretty much answers your question...


Thank you for the depressing answer.