How do I get support?



I've put in a couple of forum posts now and no one is responding after a couple of weeks. I upgraded Plex and it stopped working for me. I'm having transcoder issues and have tried many of the suggestions in the forums.
No one is looking at or responding to my posts. How the hell do I get support!? Very frustrated.
Also, how hard is it to get a refund if Plex won't help me with my issues? I have a PlexPass subscription and have told all my friends how happy I was with the service but then after upgrading it just stops working and no one will help me to solve the problem? This is just really bad.


You running FreeNas? Try to make a new jail and reinstall from scratch and see if it works?


Thanks bspiller82, I was trying to avoid that, but I wiped out my old plex server today and reinstalled. Somebody updated the plug-in to the latest version, so that was nice. Now I seem to only be having problems with my Tivo version of plex. Getting Transcoding errors, but I was a little quick on the gun and tried playing things while it was still rebuilding my library, so I might try again later.