How do I run PHT on Ubuntu server 16




I just installed kodi on my Ubuntu server. It works fine but I would like to run PHT instead. I followed this guide to install kodi.
And another guide to install PHT on Linux (desktop version). It installs right but won't launch when I run

Ubuntu tells me: can't open display.
I guess it's because I'm using Ubuntu server without GUI. I tried to convert the kodi guide to work with PHT whit out any luck. It may be user permissions failing, I tested to set user as plex and as my user but it doesn't work.

I don't have my computer near by right now so I can't answer any questions right away.

So my question is, are there any step by step guide on how to install PHT on Ubuntu server. I can't find any on Google. Or if someone can help me.

Sorry for bad English.

Thanks in advance!


I can’t be the only one that wants to do this?
Is it maybe easier to install plex media player on Ubuntu server?


I’d love to be able to do that too!