How do I STREAM (not transcode) HEVC to my Apple TV from my Plex Media Server?



How do I STREAM (not transcode) HEVC files directly to my Apple TV 4? It has inherent support for HEVC, yet it seems as though the Plex Media Service (on my Synology NAS) insists on transcoding the files. This results in buffering every few minutes (or more frequently with a movie that has a lot of action/motion), along with an occasional message stating my server is not powerful enough to transcode the video and I should simply choose the setting to stream at original quality, even though that option is not even available in the settings. (There is no option in settings to simply stream or stream the original file. I can only choose "maximum" and it still appears to attempt to transcode. There is no option that I can find to direct play or direct stream.

To reiterate... I do not want the video transcoded.) I DO NOT have this problem with my Shield or through the web browser. Only on the Apple TV Plex app.

If this is not possible, why not? HEVC is now supported in iOS and TVOS. Given that I pay for this service (PlexPass), I find this unacceptable.

As an aside, I saw other forums where people talked about coding, updating files, etc. Sorry, but that is not up my alley. I paid for a product and simply expect it to work.


its the general theme at the moment. major pain points for users and its all over the forum

I seems like it comes down to plex uses the tvOS in built player rather than building its own player i.e. infuse app and therefore needs to transcode due to the audio aspects of the file need transcoding

the direct play/stream options were also removed and its been commented they are coming back. but I wouldn't hold my breath


there is possible a xml update that you could try
from this link


@"Lego Batman" said:

the direct play/stream options were also removed and its been commented they are coming back. but I wouldn't hold my breath

It’s available in the latest beta version so it should be more widely available soon.


Get a $50 Roku 4K or a Chromecast, which can do all that AppleTV can.


Thanks, everyone. Thought I was missing something, but apparently not.


They are working on it. These are all new products, and a new software platform with new API.

There are a lot of platforms for plex to support.


I'm in the same boat.. check out the Mr. MC and Infuse apps which do software x265 decoding on Apple TV4.


Uggghhh, there is literally no technical reason to not let the Apple TV play properly formatted h265 mp4 files. You would think this would be of high priority.