How Do I Use This Shitty Program



I have purchased a My Passport from WD and I have not been able to use it to watch any movies that I have. it only works with playong music. how do I get help to work out this shitty program Plex works because I am not technical and there is nothing that I can find that is of any help.


Did you purchase a WD My Passport Wireless Pro?


Hello Mihali,

Is this just a USB external hard drive, which I assume it is. If so, I’m assuming your running Plex Media Server? Or are you just running the player?
Is it plugged into a dedicated PC for Plex?
Is it plugged into a Hypervisor, like VMware or MS Hyper-V?
Is it plugged into a laptop, which you just using to watch movies?
Is there movies on the Drive? You said you would only play music, so I gather you have your MP3’s on that drive.
Did you add the drive to your Libraries in Plex?
Did you rescan your library if you did the above?
Did your movies show up?
A little more detail on your setup, what you’re trying to accomplish and such would help.