How do we like the new PMP?



I am wondering what the plex community think about the new direction of the plex PMP. Is it practical? Does it look better then PHT? Is this new media hub type interface better then previous versions?


Still many features missing before it will become a viable alternative to PHT.


Did anybody find the audio offset adjustment option?


Many features are missing but it's rock solid for me and matches the UI from every other platform. I'll take it!


I like the interface (and hope it gets more options soon), but it's still to buggy for me. Sound doesnt change on my Win7 box and no wifi on the Raspberry Pi so that kinda sucks.


I'm not sure that set of questions returns a lot of value. In general I've found PMP remarkably stable and there are things about the new UI to like and things that many of us disklike. But, branding it all with a single classification doesn't really tell us much.


Personally I love the new interface now. Clearly not feature complete but for me at least complete enough that I'm finally away from using the nightly builds and flashing my embedded NUC. As @ac4lt says its remarkably stable and now usable enough to just wait for the official releases as they arrive.


@spawn666 said:
Did anybody find the audio offset adjustment option?

It's bound to the keys Alt+A & Alt+Shift+A. I personally also bind it to left & right paren (since I can have my remote send those):

"(Shift\\+)?\\(": "decrease_audio_delay",
"(Shift\\+)?\\)": "increase_audio_delay",


Pretty much the main thing I use now, though I do switch around testing different apps as they're updated/released.


For me, it's actually cleaner and a bit more stable. I agree that it is missing some features, but hopefully those will be added (and more!) in the future.


I hope the amount of clicks to get where you want to go can be reduced. A nice binge watch functions would be nice maybe. I also hope the wall view can return. The large icons are a nightmare if you have a large collection.