How do you delete local content?



Unsure how to remove local content directly from my phone now. Previous app let you delete any local content by going to the item and using the three dots.

I no longer see this option after spending 2 hours going through almost every menu.

I normally spend my commute home watching videos then removing them and setting up my next episodes to watch on my next trip. This way when I get home it auto downloads my videos.


I see the ‘delete’ option still appearing on the preplay page of a synced video.

May I ask what type of video it is you are syncing to your device?
Is it movies or tv show episodes?
If it’s tv show episodes, are you watching the episodes strictly in their numerical order?
If so, did you know that you don’t need to delete the watched episodes manually?
You can set up a Sync job which only syncs ‘unplayed’ items.
Which means, once an item has been played it will get erased automatically upon the next Sync cycle.

So the trick is not not sync single episodes, but whole seasons or even whole shows.
If you sync a whole unwatched show, you simply tell plex to sync ‘unwatched’ items only and put in a restriction to e.g. 3 episodes.
The result is that you will always have the next 3 unplayed episodes on your phone - ready to be
Once you are at home or at work where there is WiFi coverage, you can trigger a new sync cycle and the watched episode(s) will get purged and the next unwatched will get added automatically.

And if you have internet connectivity during your commute, your Plex server will know immediately when you have finished an episode. It will automatically start transcoding the next episode - ready to be copied to your phone.


Where are you seeing the delete option?

I’ll check out what you recommended in regards to auto sync unplayed items.

I am syncing TV shows. And yes and numerical order I’m watching.

I’m trying to delete from my Android device, not from the server.


@dices543 said:
I’m trying to delete from my Android device, not from the server.

Try not to ‘delete’, but to undo the ‘sync’.
Tap your avatar on the home page,
Then pick ‘Sync’
From this list, pick the sync job you want to remove, then the trash bin.



My sync’ed items do not show here. To explain further: prior to the new app update I had 4 TV show episodes synced to my Android device.

Now post app update in the sync section I do not see these tv show episodes. If I go offline and view the tv section these episodes are listed. Maybe I should just manually remove these.


That’s now a completely different issue.
When you are online,
and you select ‘TV Shows’ at the bottom
you’ll see a dropdown selector at the top.
Tap it.


Not sure how that’s a different issue. I’m trying to get rid of these 4 TV episodes on my Android device that’s showing on my local device online and offline. I don’t have an option to remove them from either side.

Side note. I did the auto sync thing you recommended and under sync it shows an episode sync but I don’t see it available in online or offline mode.

Wish I could attach photos from my device.


Figured it out.


Please see the upper arrow: it shows you where to tap for a list of libraries

If you don’t see what you are looking for under there, tap on More... on the lower border, indicated by the second arrow.
Then again try all libraries which appear after a tap on the upper dropdown selector.


Thanks for the help but none of those were able to remove them.

I just deleted the plex app cache to remove them then removed the items from the sync folder. I then synced the items I wanted and now it’s showing properly.