How exit plex, using an Asustor as5004t nas



Hello, Sorry for my poor english. I'm using Plex running on an Asustor as5004t Nas. How can I do for exiting Plex ? I use a remote control (AiRemote) on my smartphone. To exit, the only way is to reboot the nas... Any idea ? Thank you for answers. Bye


Can you please explain why you want to exit the server? With a server you shouldn’t need to start/stop an app whenever you want to use it… that’s why you put it on your NAS or a machine that handles it.

That being said… you can stop the app via Asustor’s Command Center in the “App Central” (check out “installed apps”, select Plex and stop the service).


Hello, Thank you for answering. I don’t want to exit the server. I want to exit Plex and go back to the asustor portal.
I explain : On the tv set, I access to the NAS through Asustor Portal. Several applications are avalaible and I launch Plex to see a movie for exemple. Then, I want to leave Plex and go back to the Asustor Portal Screen. How can I do ? I can’t find on the Plex main screen a way to exit. I can sign in, sign out and that’s all.
Even accessing the NAS using Asustor Control Center, I haven’t find how to kill Plex process in the activity monitor.
So the only way to access again the Asustor Portal is to reboot the NAS…
I hope my explanation in clearer.
Thank you.


I suppose your TV has a “back” or “menu” button?


The tv remote control as no effect upon the NAS. The Asustor as5004t nas can be use with it’s own remote control and that remote control is an Asustor application on a smartphone (AIRemote). So I can drive Plex on the screen with a cursor and clic with right or left buttons or double clic but there’s no exit button or exit option in menus on plex…


Hi Xavier. I had the same problem and I found the solution. While for example Kodi and some other apps in Asustor Portal are real apps, Plex unfortunately only has a web browser UI that is fixed in full screen to make it look like an real app. Also as unfortunately the secondary mouse button menu is disabled, so there is no way in the UI to exit. Also, the playback is not as smooth as it could be on a native app imo.

Your mention of AiRemote gave me an idea, and it worked: activate AiRemote in your mobile device and scroll the lower part action buttons (showing page up/down and zoom) to the left -> you’ll get more buttons. The last one is Exit. Voilá, you’ll get back to Asustor portal.

Lesson learned: Plex player isn’t usable in Asustor NAS / Asustor Portal before they have a proper app and not the clumsy web browser thing.


Dear TigerLeap,

You’re Great !!!
Thank’s a lot, it works fine.

Bye bye



sorry my poor english. I have same issue. But i can’t understand this:
‘scroll the lower part action buttons (showing page up/down and zoom) to the left -> you’ll get more buttons. The last one is Exit. Voilá, you’ll get back to Asustor portal.’
In AIRemote app there is a big rounden ‘OK’ button and four arrows around it. And at the bottom part of the screen are four contorol buttons. These from left to right: Back, Play Control, Keyboard and Exit buttons. Pressing Exit button does not do anything in PLEX.
I think this is a big problem if a user can’t quit from Plex and can’t shut down the NAS. Yes many poeple shutting down or sleep his NAS for the night.
And there is another problem with Plex. By sleep the NAS if a movie was paused, after wake up can’t continue the playing of the movie moreover the Plex screen will freezes. If i try to play another movie, i can hear it in the background but the screen stays frozen and i can’t do anithing. Just restart the NAS.
Yes there is more little problem thats make frustrating and complicating its use(I think the KODI users knows this). Always must connect to NAS and more…
And unfortunately there is no a good alternative to KODI.