How much longer do we have to wait to get our backdrops back on Chromecast?



Hi there. Plex, a few months ago you released a chromecast update that destroyed our carefully curated Chromecast backdrops. Now we just have grey smudges with - this is the key - no OPTION to use our backdrops instead.

Please release an update that allows to choose whether or not we want a grey smudge as a background, or a beautiful, high resolution posters that we carefully selected for our media.

It seems crazy to me that this wasn't floated as part of A/B testing, or as a survey to Chromecast users saying "which would you prefer?"

The whole reason we use Plex is because we like control - over our bitrates by ripping our own media files, and over our metadata, which thankfully, you haven't taken away from us yet. But the chromecast is a BIG screen - perfect for displaying 1080 or 4k resolution poster images. Why on earth would we prefer to have a grey smudge instead of the images that many of us have taken literally years to collect?

Please Plex - give us back our backdrops on Chromecast.


Hmm, sorry, I just realized that a Plex Employee responded to a previous question on May 22nd. Can't find a way to delete this new post though. I see an "edit" option which lets me change the text/title but no "delete post"