How to access music files on permanently mounted HDD?



Thinking of replacing Kodi if I can get Plex to work. Spent 4 hours or so trying to get Plex to load music from my permanently attached HDD. I installed Plex server on a Pi 3 today, 4/15. The HDD is used as network storage and is available to all Pi's on my network. Permissions have been set for anyone to read and/or write to the HDD. This has been working fine from the other Pi's. Plex sees the HDD but when I scan, it sees no music files (there are thousands). The HDD has an entry in fstab and mounts properly with ntfs-3g file type. I changed the Plex media server user to pi. Pi is the owner of the HDD. Hopefully I'm just missing something in the instructions but don't see what. I've looked at lots of web comments on various forums but nothing jumps out. Thanks for any help.


@svmystique said:
I changed the Plex media server user to pi. Pi is the owner of the HDD.

How did you do this? The correct way is to customize the systemd service:

However, changing the user to pi is not necessary at all and not recommended. Just correctly mount your NTFS drive like discussed in the below guide. The drive is readable and writeable by everyone by default.


The HDD is mounted and Plex sees it. But when I scan for music Plex returns no items found. The HDD is mounted and readable and writeable by everyone. I have tried both user = pi and user = plex and no difference. I therefore think there is something I am missing with respect to the scanning process. Thanks for your input and any additional suggestions.


It’s (nearly) always a permissions problem :slight_smile: Please open a bash shell with user plex and try to navigate the directories down to the actual files and also check that you can read the files. If this does work, we will shift the focus to the scanner.

# open a shell as user plex
sudo -u plex /bin/bash
# try to navigate to a music directory, example given
cd /mnt/share/music/artist1/album1/
# try to read the file 'test.mp3'
file test.mp3

Edit: If the above experiment does work, we require the Server Logs to spot the error in the music scanner.