How to change Folder Image



I have set up a large Boxing archive, Using view by Folder

Root Folder = Boxers Name > ( Boxers Fights within this folder )

I can set each fight with a Poster using the pencil icon but I cant change the root folder ( Boxers Name ) image to a pic of the Boxer.

Searched everywhere, please help....:)


This is the folder image I want to change


Hi Chris ....... found a way ???


I've been looking for this for a long time as well!
There should be a simple hack to take something like index.jpg from the folder...
but afik we have to do the hack.


The api docs do indicate that there is a directory folder... but a directory object doesn't have a path?!?! but it does have an artwork spot.


Hi there,
any news for this? it looks ugly with the default Images :(