How to change the skin



Love the product, hate the skin!


What is it with these developers who choose the dark skins/backgrounds.


Spotify is another example and you cannot change it and I am sure there are many more. They may look sexy but truly, it is very difficult looking for command links on a shiny laptop screen in the day light without cranking up the computers brightness controls.


The layout is fine but jez, where are the controls to change the background colours or please, can someone offer a substitute.


Kind regards to all




The only one that is skins are made for is Plex Home Theater. you can find those here

none of the other apps have skins


Thank you, I appreciate your input.


so you can't skin the web-ui?


You could use Greasemonkey or Stylish.

Alternatively you could write your own web ui
Plex has a rest interface which allows you to fetch the data


@paradoxhub said:
so you can't skin the web-ui?

there is one for plex web-ui called blue / grey skin that can be found on stylish. I have been using for the past few days l it looks a lot better then current web-ui


Use chrome developer tools to edit the colors and backgrounds, then go to the sources tab and click on the CSS files and click save as. Then save both of them into the CSS folders inside Plex. Make sure you make backups in case something goes wrong. I have mine looking nice, and chrome let’s you see your changes in real time.